Our heritage

Expert Know-How and an Unique Measurement test facility

Measurement & Documentation


Antenna Measurement Capabilities FM, DAB, RKE, TV

• Details Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 1 GHz (extension to 1-2 GHz possible)

• Distance between TX Antenna and AUT: 120m

• Typical used for Antenna measurement of broadcast applications

Spherical Near Field

Antenna Measurement Capabilities: GNSS, SDARS, MOBILE, C2X SiriusXM type

• Acceptance testing (component)

• Type acceptance testing (vehicle)

• Details Frequency Range: 350 MHz to 6 GHz (50 MHz to 350 MHz possible)

• Full 3D scanned hemisphere (transformed to Far-Field)

• Typically used for applications like navigation, satellite or mobile communication, C2X

Long Wave / Short Wave Messurement

• Frequency Range: 150 kHz – 30 MHz

• Broadcast station independent measurement (CW-signal)

• Distance of 8m TX rod antenna to AUT on turntable: 73m

• Synchronous test of AUT and Reference

• Results:

   – Field strength compared to a reference active antenna

   – Calculated effective height of AUT

   – Equivalent noise field strength of AUT

Coverage inside passenger compartment

Antenna Measurement Capabilities:

• Bluetooth




Documentation / Test Reports and Evaluation

• Accurate technical test documentation

• Optimised and conceptional ATC Report Form

• Customer specific analysis and illustrations possible

• Rating of measurement data according to specification

• Comparison of measurement and simulation


Performance Improvement

Product Analysis

• Research Block diagram- / system drawings

• Overview of testable systems Acquisition of vehicle/components

• Preparation of vehicle with local workshop

• Planning and realisation of measurements Component analysis

• Preparation of reports

Device Characterisation

• S-Parameter Noise figure

• Intermodulation

• Gain compression

Optimising solutions

• Support of antenna integration into vehicle structures.

• Determine an improved antennabracket and GND – connection.

• Measurement and simulation installation

• Space Optimisation


On-Site development support

Support of your product development

• Test-Site & laboratory logistics & storage

• Prototype approved by Daimler, Opel, VW

• Engineering support

• Glass-work (storing, replacement, gluing)

• Vehicle workshop cooperation

Storage & Laboratory

Total property of 22.000 sqm, protected landscape. Secured access into test site for prototype cars and antenna systems according to VDA-standard. Underground garage to store vehicles and for test preparation.


Glass Storing