Automotive Supplier Strategy

Do you manufacture antenna or antenna related products for automotive industry? As a supplier, do you want to expand your number of customers? Or want to win a special customer?

We can support you with a strategy optimized for your product!

To get new customers you must convince them, that your antenna product is exactly the right product they are looking for. In case of antenna technology there are a lot of specific things to consider. Functionality of the system, performance of the antenna element and everything which is in relationship with that is important. The key is, to show your customer the right indicators he is familiar with.


ATC can illustrate performance of your product such as:

to present and show best available connectivity solutions for your customer.


Based on the technology your product is designed for  different systems (Mobile communication, navigation, broadcast,…) and antenna tests can be used to present correct and usable data to show the performance of your product.


Starting at the beginning with close relation to the development process, the first thing in your strategy is:

1. Get an overview which performance level should be or can be achieved

Investigate typical antenna systems of the market and analyze the performance across different car types and antenna locations. With the correct base of collected data you have a clear performance target, and you can work towards it. This is a big advantage by considering in the early steps of the development.

2. Develop and produce a prototype

During the development phase, the correct combination of digital design phase (for example simulation of radiation from the antenna elements), hardware engineering / prototype optimization and verification is the key factor to ensure a flawless process.


This is also important here to identify important vehicle integration steps by early development stages:

In many cases the performance of a component is very different when it is implemented in a very high complex electromagnetic environment like a car.
Ensure that you know your high-frequency behavior of your prototype in its intended environment.

3. Test and compare

Once you have a functional prototype, test and compare the performance to your obtained market overview under the same test conditions. You can evaluate the System differences, compromises, and advantages. With a meaningful analysis and comparison, you can present it a perfect way to your customer. Reliable test data, perfect graphics and easy representations of complex data will support you to show your product performance.


The combination of all steps offers a perfect and secured basis for your customer presentation and discussion. Be equipped with a precise, well-founded description of your suggested system in relation to the existing antenna systems known to the customer.