EMC Radiated and Conducted Emission

From a large number of EMC measurements and tests, ATC GmbH has specialized in the two important measurements of conducted and radiated interference emission in order to be able to primarily accompany development activities. We consider here the range from 150 kHz and orient ourselves to typical requirements for products from industry, IT and automotive.


In order to make a development activity effective, an early knowledge of the EMC properties is important and here especially of the conducted and radiated interference emission. This is the only way to control effort and costs. If the EMC properties are not measured until late in the project, this can lead to considerable delays and costs. ATC GmbH offers not only measurement services, but also development activities with troubleshooting, should a major EMC challenge arise. Measurement services, EMC know-how, many years of experience in HW design are bundled with a variety of interesting analysis methods. We are just waiting for the next challenge together with you!

Figure 1: Radiated emission test result with 10m antenna distance (CISPR 11)

For classical EMC measurement services, we address the following norms and standards: 


EU Directives:

2014/30/EU (EMC): EN 61000-6-x, EN 55011, EN 55014, EN 55022 and others.

2014/53/EU (RED): ETSI standards


Automotive Standards:

CISPR 25, ECE-R10, various automotive factory standards including VW, Daimler and Ford.


In contrast to the classic EMC measurement service providers, we offer our services in the radome, shielding tent or in our customer laboratory, depending on the requirements. Here are a few details:


Radome (primarily for radiated emissions):

Measurement distances from 1m to 12m (typ. 1m, 3m and 10m).

Turn-table with 6.5m diameter and 4.5 t load

Frequency range 10 – 6000 MHz (6-9 GHz partly possible)


Shielding tent (primarily for conducted emissions):

Dimension 6m x 3m

Frequency range 10 – 2000 MHz


Customer laboratory:


EMC Performance Optimization

Conducted Emission and Radiated Emission, if possible


Our focus is primarily in the areas of pre-complaince, optimization with root-cause analysis and preparation for certification / product release with standards support. Thanks to the latest, fast measurement – such as FFT-based receiver technology – and flexible scheduling, we can respond quickly to your needs.