ATC Test Site Measurements​

The development of antennas and antenna modules comes along with a lot of challenges and need certain iteration loops. They are often demanded to be highly integrated on a limited given area, while still ensuring connectivity. Simulation and component measurements of antenna give a good understanding of the module behaviour. On the final step you tune and approve your development on vehicle. The Antenna Technology Center (ATC) GmbH provides the tools and know-how to support you in the process. As an independent service provider, we work close with and for car OEMs and their suppliers.

Automotive Supplier Strategy

Do you manufacture antenna or antenna related products for automotive industry? As a supplier, do you want to expand your number of customers? Or want to win a special customer? We can support you with a strategy optimized for your product!


Currently available OTA test systems and measurement techniques are ill-suited for large vehicles and the automotive industry’s growing demand for system performance analyses. To address this, ATC has begun developing a process to evaluate automotive antennas in real-world environments using drive tests. This technique uses existing 4G mobile network infrastructure in real environments to show how good is the user experience of your antenna system. Neither the size of vehicle nor a lack of investment capital hinders the ability to characterize 4G systems using this technique.


Nationwide reception in best radio quality, where terrestrial radio services like AM, FM or DAB reach their limits – this is what satellite radio stands for, such as SiriusXM in the USA. ATC GmbH is an independent, certified contact in Europe.

Ultra Wide Band

A very exciting application of ultra-wideband technology is the exact positioning of objects at distances of up to 250m. It is currently attracting great interest not only from automotive manufacturers. In the following we describe the special challenges of position determination from the point of view of the antennas used.

GPS (GNSS) System Evaluation

“Waiting for GPS…”, “GPS signal not found”, “No GPS reception”, “Position determination not possible”, this or similar error messages can look like this, which are annoying for the user on the one hand and can impair autonomous driving on the other hand.

EMC - Root Cause Analysis

As soon as a significant deviation in interference emission or in interference immunity of EMC tests is detected, question arises not only about a possible solution, but always about actual cause. In many development departments, the trail-and-error method is then used to find a quick solution. The actual physical cause usually remains hidden.

EMC - Radiated and Conducted Emission

From a large number of EMC measurements and tests, ATC GmbH has specialized in the two important measurements of conducted and radiated interference emission in order to be able to primarily accompany development activities. We consider here the range from 150 kHz and orient ourselves to typical requirements for products from industry, IT and automotive.

Glass Antenna Development

The tasks and requirements of and on glass windows in cars are manifold. In addition to protecting the occupants from sun, wind and weather, they also have a high-frequency technical significance with the integration of antennas. Especially in the field of broadcasting.

Antenna Simulation

In antenna development, the challenge usually lies in spatial limitations and available shoring locations. In the course of feasibility studies or installation space optimization, simulations are often used to achieve a cost-saving indication of the possible variants. Existing antenna models can be used and optimized for new series. Subsequently, the simulation model is verified in the measurement chamber using manufactured prototypes.