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In the realm of wireless communication, precision is paramount. At ATC GmbH, we specialize in Antenna Measurements that redefine accuracy and reliability. Our cutting-edge methodologies ensure meticulous measurement of antenna performance, guaranteeing optimal functionality in real-world scenarios. Whether it's verifying design parameters, evaluating signal strength, or optimizing efficiency, our expert team delivers unparalleled precision in every measurement. Partner with us to elevate your antenna systems to new heights of performance and reliability.

Experience precision like never before. Choose ATC GmbH for your Antenna Measurements.

Our semi-anechoic test site is capable to perform measurements from component scale, up to vehicle size. On spherical near field (SNF) and far field (FF) we obtain the physical performance of the antenna, in decibelisotropic (dBi) and decibelReference (dBRef) respectively. The encasing radome ensures stable measurement conditions for the AUT at any weather as well as protection for your prototype antennas and OEM vehicles, certified to the high TISAX standard, required by Volkswagen and further OEMs. Furthermore, every customer has the possibility to attend to the measurements if they want or need to.

3D radiation pattern

ATC Spherical near field (SNF) obtains the physical performance of the antenna, in decibelisotropic (dBi). 

  • Frequency Range: 350 MHz to 6 GHz (50 MHz to 350 MHz possible)
  • Full 3D scanned hemisphere (transformed to Far-Field)
  • Typically used for applications like navigation, satellite or mobile communication, C2X

2D radiation pattern

ATC far field (FF) obtains the physical performance of the antenna, in decibelReference (dBRef).

  • Frequency Range: 50 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Horizontal 2D radiation pattern
  • Typically used for applications like broadcast communication system (AM, FM, DAB)

Advanced measurements

  • Long/short wave test setup with CW-signal (150 kHz - 30 MHz)
  • Path-loss measurements
  • Co-existance analysis
  • noise measurement &  dynamic range
  • RFID and UWB testing
  • ...

Benchmark Analysis

Product analysis of antenna systems on the market

  • preliminary research
  • organization of vehicle and parts
  • testing and analyzing
  • evaluation the performance of your system in comparison to
    • innovative market reference
    • different car types
    • different installations and service

Visualizing RF Performance

  • Crafting reports that align seamlessly with OEM requirements is our forte. Our team understands the nuances of the specified report templates, ensuring precise documentation of our work
  • Export of complex measurement data as ASCII and MATLAB file
  • Perfect graphics, diagrams and representations to prepare complex data easily and customer-specifically

Cooperation: LISA Analytics

Our measurement data format files can be easily imported into AUT-Studio, which is a Software to analyze spherical antenna measurement and simulation data of different sources, enabling optimized antenna development process within the automotive industries and all involved companies.

Developing Connectivity

Collaboration is at the heart of our development process. We work closely with our clients, understanding their specific needs, and combining our technical expertise with their insights to create antennas perfectly suited for diverse applications. Our team possess in-depth knowledge of the stringent standards set by OEMs and is well-versed in every intricacy, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed these demanding benchmarks.

EM Simulation

One important step during development: Simulation of antenna structures and components to secure a cost-effective product development

  • EM Field simulation using CST Studio Suite (in-house) or Altair Feko (cooperation with Altair Engineering)
  • RF circuit simulation

Hardware development 

  • RF component
    • antenna design
    • circuit and PCB design
    • PCB prototyping
  • Performance improvement of existing antennas or integrations
  • research or advance development to determine function and interaction with other elements (Co-existance of several antennas)
  • Design verification

Glass antenna structures

Our team specializes in crafting antennas ingeniously embedded within vehicle glass. Experience enhanced aesthetics without compromising functionality.

  • Utilizing advanced simulation techniques and robust hardware development, we ensure your antennas meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.
  • We collaborate with renowned glass suppliers, especially catering to the automotive sector. Our partnerships guarantee access to high-quality materials, enabling us to create antennas that stand the test of time.

Verifying Connectivity

At ATC GmbH, we recognize the critical importance of reliable wireless connectivity. Our specialized services for verifying antenna systems ensure not only flawless performance but also secure and interference-free connections. We rigorously test and optimize antenna systems to ensure they not only meet technical standards but also function seamlessly in real-world environments. Rely on us to ensure your wireless systems are consistently reliable and high-performing.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

In addition to our core area of communication systems, the relation to a product's Electromagnetic Compatibility is unavoidable

Our services combined with antenna and co-existance tests are:

  • consulting during design phase
  • radiated and conductive emission tests
  • behaviour of components in radio  networks
  • root cause analysis (RCA) discussions to ensure our services align perfectly with your requirements.

Phone System performance analysis...

... in real world environment (urban, rural, highway)

  • Drive tests to get an indication of antenna system performance for mobile service
    Indication of user experience depending on network infrastructure
  • Relative comparison to a well-known reference
  • Many testing possibilities with free choice of reference (ATC-Monopoles on roof, Standalone cell phone, Costumer submitted reference)
  • Data throughput (Mbit/s) and more Key Performance Indicator (KPI) like RSRP, RSRQ, CQI, BLER 

GNSS system evaluation

  • Analysis of radiation pattern, path loss between antenna and receiver, determination of system buffer
  • Active drive tests with live-signal in different scenarios
  • Analysis: #of satellites, DOP (Dilution of precision), C/N0 (carrier to noise density) and more
  • Comparison of up to 4 different antennas simultaneously with Ublox receiver

SiriusXM certified test range

If your product contains an integrated SiriusXM antenna or it is a single application antenna: Our 3D antenna test site is SiriusXM approved acc. SX-9835-0026-06 and we support you in terms of:

  • certified type acceptance measurement of passive antenna element acc. SX-9845-0105-03.01
  • associated measurements of the LNA can also be carried out in our laboratory


Consulting & Training

We take pride not only in offering excellent services for measurement, analysis, and optimization of antenna systems but also in providing comprehensive consultancy, training, and tailored solutions for your specific needs.

  • Our experts act as consultants, working closely with you to develop tailored solutions for your unique challenges.
  • Professional training programs equipping your team with the necessary skills for accurate measurements and analysis.
  • Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, we offer individual topic discussions to ensure our services align perfectly with your requirements.


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