Sirius-XM Certification

Nationwide reception in best radio quality, where terrestrial radio services like AM, FM or DAB reach their limits – this is what satellite radio stands for, such as SiriusXM in the USA. ATC GmbH is an independent, certified contact in Europe.

To enable high quality of the SXM satellite radio receivers, which are often installed in cars, strict tests and certifications are necessary before market release. Here we can offer different work packages adapted to each customer, from pre-tests of the LNA and antenna to type acceptance.In preparation or support for certification, we can perform all tests from the respective specification to put the antennas and amplifiers built into the radio receivers through their paces. This is possible on the one hand on component level and on the other hand on vehicle level.We will be happy to assist you in an advisory capacity, so that you can benefit from our many years of experience and our close contacts with SiriusXM.

Part of the measurements required for certification takes place as a 3D near-field measurement in our own measurement hall (radome). Here, the characteristics of the passive antenna are measured under specific, fixed standards. You receive detailed information about the radiation characteristics and the antenna gain. In addition, an evaluation of whether it is within the corresponding requirements of the Sirius specification. If the system is measured on a car that is still in pre-series/prototype status (LINK!), we can protect the product optimally through trained staff, precautions and appropriate certification.

Figure 1: Typical Passive Gain Measurement.

Another part of the measurements takes place in the laboratory. These are mainly measurements of the amplifier. We have measuring equipment to record all relevant data completely. It is precisely determined where strengths and weaknesses of the system lie.Measured are gain, matching, intermodulation products, compression points, VSWR, G/T, isolation, ripple, noise figure, sensitivity, selectivity, filter characteristics, noise immunity, etc.All measurements work of course also for amplifiers and antennas of other services. We will gladly take your individual needs into account and clarify them directly with the satellite radio providers if necessary.

Figure 2: Testing Possibilities